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Our journey at a glance

2014 - 2015: Founded. The first version of Linkfire's marketing platform was developed in collaboration with Danish record labels.

2016 - 2017: Going international. The platform became widely used throughout Denmark and Europe. All three major labels - Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Warner Music Group - joined Linkfire.

2018: Conquering the US. Linkfire opened its first US offices, followed by a quick increase of adoption by the big US record labels.

2019: Becoming a market leader. Linkfire secured its position as the global market leader by connecting more fans with music than any other competitor.

2020 - 2021: Scaling up. Independent record labels, DIY musicians, podcasters, and the first large US film studio started using Linkfire.

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Who we are

Music has the unique power to transcend cultures, languages, and borders - and we're immensely proud to embrace that same spirit across our four international offices.

We’re a passionate team of developers, engineers, product managers, and more, drawn from every corner of the globe. All of us live and breathe music, and some of us are even successful musicians ourselves. So when we say "we rock," we really do mean it.

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